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ED medical problem

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Destruction of the blood vessels is usually the cause of impotency. In relation to 80% of adult males who are suffering the involving impotency have problems with circulation of blood to the penile veins and/or problems with what is clindamycin hcl 300 often the erectile chambers. This is certainly due to blockages, seapage from the penile undesireable veins or problems with the actual relaxation of the muscle tissue within the penis.

Males who are in this group are the same as all those at risk for heart problems; men who smoke cigarettes generic cialis online, eat a diet full of fat or cholesterol, or those who have high blood pressure. In many instances, these problems should be addressed via diet, exercise as well as overcoming bad habits, instead of with medications.

Lots of men have impotence brought on by diabetes. As many as 3 out of four diabetic patients will become impotent. This can be a serious medical problem. For answers, make sure you talk to a urologist that has special learning impotency issues.

Medicines may cause problems with erections, ejaculation and sex drive. There are more than two hundred prescribed and over-the-counter medications Levitra pills that may trigger impotency and other intimate dysfunction problems. Regarding 2% of all erectile dysfunction is caused by drugs. These medications could possibly be those prescribed to get high blood pressure or major depression. Cold medications, antihistamines, diuretics, hormones including estrogen, anti androgens, beta-blockers and tranquilizers can also be a problem. To adjust problems with medications, consult the doctor who prescribed by doctors the medicine for your challenge kamagra pills. The dosage will then be safely low or the medication modified.


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